Useful tips and tricks for Python Google App Engine developers.

Google, please offer a true serverless in-memory cache

I have been a loyal and happy Google App Engine (GAE) user for a very long time. 1st Gen GAE I really loved the 1st generation GAE, it offered all the services you needed in a true serverless ... Read more

05 Nov 2019

How to use the Firestore Emulator with a Python 3 Flask app

It's been 9 months since the Python 3.7 Runtime on the new Google App Engine (2nd Generation GAE) has been made generally available (GA). If you're thinking about Read more

28 Sep 2019

11 Things To Understand Before Migrating Your Python 2 GAE App To Python 3

If you're reading this it might be because you have at least one web app running on the old GAE Standard Environment that supports only Python 2 (and of course Java, PHP and Go). Meanwhile, the new ... Read more

28 Jan 2019

Firestore: How to exempt a field from being indexed

Both Cloud Datastore and Firestore automatically index most of the fields in your database models. Datastore For example, if you use Cloud Datastore with Python 2 on the Standard GAE Environment, ... Read more

02 Jan 2019

Implement Google Cloud Storage in your GAE Python web app

There are two ways of uploading files to Google Cloud from your GAE app: Blobstore Cloud storage Blobstore is probably the easiest to implement because it's part of the standard GAE ... Read more

27 Nov 2018

How to add a PIP library to your GAE project

Usually, when you'd want to have a PIP library accessible to your web app project, you'd install the library on your server machine and every project on that server could access it. GAE apps work a ... Read more

21 Nov 2018

Optimizing Indices In Google Cloud Datastore - How And Why?

You might already know what database indices (or indexes) are from relational databases. Their role is to make queries faster. But it's not obligatory to have them - they are an optional feature. ... Read more

19 Nov 2018